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Step 1

Book your device.

Select where you will pick up your device and when and for how long you will be needing it. Confirm, authenticate, and pay to receive your booking code.

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Step 2

Pick up with QR code.

Arrive at your pickup location anytime on the selected day and show your booking's QR code to receive your device.


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Pickup at Helsinki Airport today

Helsinki Airport
Olympic Stadion
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Step 3

Take the device anywhere with you.

You are not limited to the airport, the station or anywhere. During your booking, you can take your device anywhere.

Step 4

Dropoff when you're done.

Once your booking ends, you can return the device at one of our service points by showing the QR code for your booking.

We are the first in theworld at what we do. And we are proud to be a Finnishstartup company.

Starting at only
49.99 € a day.

High-Quality Devices.

Modern electric wheelchairs for your convenience.

Freedom & Independence.

Travel anywhere, whenever.

Free Public Transit.

In many european cities when traveling with wheelchair.

Avoid Taxis Everywhere.

No need to rely on others.

Breath of Fresh Air.

We enable you to finally leave your home.

No limitations.

Unlike airport wheelchairs, our devices can be outside from the terminal.

And much more...

Our purpose.

Extending the Accessible World

We aim to improve accessibility in cities, airports and other travel hubs.

Solving Short-distance Commute

We exist to help overcome difficulties in getting where you need to go.

For Anyone with Mobility Issues

We exist above the law's definition of who deserves help. Our services are open to all.

Inclusive Mobility

For Your Business.

Assistive Devices as an Employee Benefit as a Service.

Provide Assistive Devices to Employees
Fulfill CSRD Requirements
Become a Socially Responsible Brand
And more
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Accepting donations.

Help support your business, city, country or community to become a better and more accessible place.

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