Inclusive Mobility

Let us make your organization accessible & socially responsible.

Accessibility devices as an employee benefit. As a service.

How does
it work?
After signing an SLA with us
You get

We give you access to our B2B application.

You receive a business account, which can be used to manage your need for assistive devices and our services.

Your responsibility

You send a survey link to all employees.

We provide a fully managed form for your employees to fill out, if they have a need for assistive devices. You simply send a link.

Your responsibility

You confirm the demand and order.

After your employees have answered, review the answers in your business account, confirm and send an order.

You get

We deliver and manage the devices.

Your job is now done. We deliver and manage the devices according to the specified demand so Your responsibilityn't have to worry about the devices.

You get

We issue audited certificates.

With these certificates, you can show that you are fulfilling your CSRD responsibilities and that you are a sustainable and responsible company.

You get

Your employees can use I'm for free.

Finally, your employees can use I'm services for free. We automatically invoice your organization.

That's it.

We do as much for you as possible. If demand changes, employees come and go, keep sending us new orders and we will keep fulfilling your needs and issuing new certificates.

We keep it simple.

Improved Brand.

Become recognized as a socially responsible company.

CSRD Compliance.

Reach your CSRD targets without barely doing anything.

Fulfilled Employees.

Become a better employer by offering something to everyone.

Everyone in your company deserves equal rights to mobility.

We are the first in theworld at what we do. And we are proud to be a Finnishstartup company.

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